Sunday, September 22, 2013

Pompton Lakes has been purged from history.

Looking through the history of Dupont - Duponte - Du Pont De Nemours -  E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company , and doing searches on different pages, has turned up no reference of Pompton Lakes. SAD!
They have a huge history of Dupont website, and Pompton Lakes is not mentioned anywhere...
Got these pictures from Google search. That's the factory in Pompton Lakes above. I am going to leave the width of the picture wide because my followers who live there are exactly where they live right now in Pompton Lakes. Sitting in the toxic silt and vapors from the underground flume of cancer causing chemicals.
And this is near by in Haskell, NJ, a main office. The town seems to be named for one of the person on the top of the company. They learned not to work near the plants after 100 years. There founder was blown up in his office when one of their plants exploded close by...Plus the Toxic chemicals were known by the managers very well.
1802 - 2013 been around.
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